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So, where is this smart AoE that everyone was talking about?

I was doing the End of Torvix heroic on Corellia and I was just AoE'ing like mad, thinking that CC'ed targets wont be hit, yet I broke every single CC there was and I was like "Whoops".

playing 23/1/17 assassin, I spam death field all around. The thing is, it STILL breaks CC and it shouldn't, cause it's an AoE, unless they did not put smart AoE into the game yet.
a) Only for tanks
b) Must be in tank stance For BH PT we get rail shot, with our ion cylinder DoT on target applied by rocket punch hit 4 targets and its "smart AoE" DPS don't get this b/c al you have to do is damange. Tanks have to taunt, position, keep threat, ect.