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Great video as usual! A couple things I'd like to add though, for instance on Huttball, I find that placing a tankasin constantly stealthed very close their endzone area either at the area in between the last two fires on the highest platform or on either sandbags works ridiculously well. Stealth has an amazing advantage in that you can set yourself up for passes without fear of being pulled or stunned on your way there. Tankasins are best for this role because they have basically 5 seconds of immunity where you can just run through the second fire unscathed or down the middle ramp to the endzone uninteruppted. As long as your team controls the mid, you control the game with this strategy.

Another thing assassins can do very well is peel. A tankasin in my opinion is the strongest peeler in the game because of the absence of an explicit counter. Place your guard on a healer and follow him everywhere. If he has a mara/sent ravaging them, spike, slow, taunt. If theres a pyrotech, pull or knockback. Stun works well, and if you run insta whirlwind (which I strongly strongly recommend) you can shut down 3 or 4 dps on a healer.

And by the way, that soundbite at the beginning is what my guildies hear everytime I'm capping anything :P
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