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Yes. I'm making another one of these threads.

1.3 was a great success with transfers, ranked PVP and the LFG tool. PVPers and Casual players are rejoicing everywhere with content and features added directly for them.

Raiders play this game too! Do you really expect us to keep going with nothing but HM EC for another 3 months? Our mains are long since BiS, with min-maxed gear with maybe an exception of one or two elusive pieces. (I'm looking at you Force-Lord's MK2!!!)

I'm really trying not to sound unreasonable, but come on Bioware. Tuesday our guild pulled Toth and Zorn at 8:15. Kephess was dead at 9:45.

An hour and a half of somewhat relevant content. That just isn't enough to keep people interested for very long

This is not a "GIMME OR IM GONA UNSUB" thread. There was plenty of those in the PVP and General forums asking for Ranked Warzones, transfers and the LFG tool.

We just want some kind of update on Nightmare Denova. Something that lets us know you at least care about Raider's interest, however small a minority we may be.
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