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06.28.2012 , 04:29 PM | #176
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Thanks for your patience on this issue everyone; we have some more information for you about the upcoming fix!

If you have a crit-crafted item created before 1.3 that received the incorrect tier of augment slot (and you have NOT upgraded the augment slot to a higher tier), that slot’s tier will be corrected with the fix we are applying during an upcoming patch. If the augment slot is empty, the augment slot tier will be decided by the level of the item. If an augment is installed, the tier of the slot will be determined by the level of that augment.

If you have already manually upgraded your augment slots to a higher tier, we’ll ask that you contact Customer Service after the fix is deployed. Thanks!
Any estimated time when this fix might be coming? Like...within the next week? The next month? The next few days? I have a feeling some people will prefer to go ahead and upgrade and then contact a CSR once the fix is out if it's going to be a while yet.