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When I was in the beta and playing as a BH, the third planet I went to was Balmora. Unlike Hutta and Drumond Kaas, on Balmora there was an actual planet story that started from the very beginning and ended towards the end of the planet. It was different from your typical planet side quest that are scattered around in each area of the planet. No, this one had it's own beginning from the moment you land on the planet and starts you off. It is similar to the class quest in that once you complete one of the quest, it progresses you further into the planet with the story picking up and getting deeper.

I do not know if this is a spoiler to some as not everyone has played Balmora on the Imperial side, but I'll still but what I am about to say up in spoiler tags.

So when I got to the 3rd planet for the Republic [Taris], I assumed that there would be a chain of quest that all link together that starts at the beginning of the planet and ends at the end of the planet. So when I touch down, I am greeted by some guy who tells me to go speak with a lady regarding the planet reconstruction efforts. I am thinking that this will be the chain of quest that continues ALL throughout the planet with it leading up to a dramatic conclusion, just like the Balmora Rebellion planet main quest for the Empire. Instead this quest was short lived as all I had to do was to go destroy some pipes and report back, then done! The rest of the quest on that planet were just scattered quest that did not directly connect with the rest, but just their own loose affiliation of quest chains, unlike the Empire's Balmora which had a main planet quest chain along with the loose affiliation of side quest chains.


So with all of that out of the way, my question is, do only certain planets [such as Empire's Balmora] only have a main story chain quest or is this something that all planets have but I only see later in the game?