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The Legacy tooltip could be more clear - we'll look at improving it in the future. The perk itself (as noted earlier in the thread) does increase the chance of getting an augment slot on items that can have them. For items that can't, it gives you an increased chance for the effect of a critical when crafting those items (like producing an extra item).
Great... now we have two contradictory CS posts... ('Course, my usually opinion on CS/Customer relations is that they tend to know less about how things work than many of the players, so I always take what they say with large grains of salt)

Until they actually change the tooltip, I'm going to expect it does exactly what the tooltip says. Increases chance of an augmented item.

Which means all my crafters get it. None of my harvesters do. (which I guess makes it sort of irrelevant whether it allows for an extra item... which, incidentally, I have yet to see when it comes to augment kits. I largely suspect that like with spaceship parts, you don't crit them at all.)

Though does make it sort of relevant for mission skills... but.. yeah. Gonna wait until something more than two different statements by CS, and blog post differing from patch/tooltip.