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The Legacy tooltip could be more clear - we'll look at improving it in the future. The perk itself (as noted earlier in the thread) does increase the chance of getting an augment slot on items that can have them. For items that can't, it gives you an increased chance for the effect of a critical when crafting those items (like producing an extra item).

So all this time I could have been crafting augment kits and augments with a higher chance!?!?

You all fail SO HARD.

In the future, please have someone that has the talent of paying attention to details review the explanations for stuff like this. We actually trust what we read when you provide information on a tooltip. This is the same as you telling us that something does 1k damage when it really does 2k. this would cause enrage ti9mes and the like needlessly. In this case, I did not get what I should have gotten because someone on your end does not know how to communicate clearly and completely.