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Focused targeting

Needed for this group strategy:
Target Marking hotkeyed for speed. (Shield, bolt, saber, pistol etc)
Group Target Frame enabled. (disabled by default - open ui editor, on each group target frame check the enabled box)

It's common in PUG groups to see people all attacking their own targets, then watching the Tank frantically running around trying to regain aggro from all the enemies. At the same time the Healer is power starved because everyone is taking heaps of damage all at once.

A lot of long time MMO players who have been in end game guilds know this approach all too well.

So . .. .here goes.
================================================== ==
A group of enemies will be cleared more quickly/efficiently if:

- All members are ATTACKING THE SAME TARGET in priority of weakest to strongest.
Sometimes priority is given to a non-trash mob such as an enemy healer.

-If Boss/Elite is present:
Target Marked to signify it is to be left until last.

Benefits of focused targeting:
-If the only one attacking the enemies is the TANK, they should only attack him. If everyone is killing their own targets they ALL will have aggro. This will make the Healer's job easier as well because instead of everyone taking
heaps of damage it will only be the TANK.

-To do this before every pull the toughest mob (boss/elite etc) will be target marked and the weakest
(OR priority eg: healer) will be target marked.

-Tank, Healer and 2 DPS are set to take down a group consisting of 1 gold, 1 silver (healer) and 3 trash.

-Gold mob and silver(healer)are both both target marked.

-Tank attacks all enemies trying to gain an aggro lead.

-DPS waits for a couple of swats/shots then EVERYONE attacks target marked silver(healer)

-once silver(healer) is down target marker is swapped to a trash mob.

-EVERYONE acquires target marked trash mob until down.

-the TANK will attempt to keep ALL aggro on him, priority given to gold then target marked mob.

Not everyone may be a fan of target marking on the fly via hot keys. An alternative would be to have Party members's target frame enabled via UI editor and simply click on the nominated "MAIN-DPS's" target after each mob is downed.

Try it out with a group! Try having everyone pick their own targets then try the "focused targeting" method and see how it compares.

Personally I like to use swap target markers on the fly and have party's target frames showing.

The more ppl attacking 1 target at a time means less incoming damage sooner for the healer to heal.

Well that's my 2 cents anyway.*