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This is my frist story go easy me.
Kira and female jedi knight story

On the Defender Kira was meditate in her quarters until someone knock on her door. She got up check who at the door.

Kira was shocked to see it was her former master Sarah Gery “Sarah do want to talk about something?".

Sarah Gery smile and said "I just want to talk to u Kira about something".

“What do want to talk about Sarah” said Kira and Kira noice that Sarah look nervous.

Kira was shocked to see her master nervous. Sarah was never nervous about anything

“I just want to talk about u being jedi knight now and how do feel about it” said Sarah rubber back of head . Kira was growing more concerned. Sarah know how she feel about her being jedi knight and she just that as exuse not tell way she really want to said wanted to say.

“Sarah don't way do really came.” Kira said worried. “Yeah Kira your right that way I really came down here." she said looking scared. But then she ran her hand down Kira’s arm. “come here and show u.” she pull her arms and kiss her lips.

Kira was suprise but then she give in to kiss. Sarah pull away and brush and nervous.

“Kira Im Im so sorry I should not....” Sarah started but she cut off by kira grabbing her around the waist and lifted her off her feet and kissong her agian . Kira then let her down and said “I think u are cute when nervous Sarah and I think look beautiful master so came here .” Kira pulling Sarah in her arm again and kiss neck this time.

Sarah moaned and Kira lift her up again and she carring her to bed. They fell and sarah was on top of kira then she bent down kiss kira again. Kira put arms her around Sarah waist. Kira then began remove Sarah's Belt and Sarah remove Kira robe.

:2 Hours later:

Sarah was laying on top of kira naked and tried. She watched her breath, her eyes were closed, she thought Kira was sleeping, “Glad we got that out way. who all fun in the anticpaptiobn was just Lazy” He said.

“You said it.” Sarah agreed.
Sarah look up and smile and kiss Kira again. "I love you Kira when frist meet u and alway will". she said
“I love u too Sarah” said Kira.

"Sarah Can ask someting?". She asked .

“Sure" said Sarah.

“where are T7 and C3PO,” She asked and look at her former master eyes

“Well let just said I send out somewhere on a imporrtion misson.” She answered chuckling.

:Meanwhile With T7 and C3PO on tatioone:

Three women where had cleaning rag and giving T7 a shine
“T7 should not get these item back to our master soon.” said C3PO

T7 was Ignore and conuite getting shine by three women.