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I agree it should be a bug but why a guy choosing an specifc instance ( for example Taral V hard mode only) joining alone and getting a pug group is getting the daily reward and a full group not?. I dont understand, is just silly. Group finder rewards pug and not full groups of friends?. We must be 3 friends + 1 pug to get the daily reward?. Is non sense at all.
No, that's not the way it works, or not the way it should work at any rate. You can be a full premade group, and so long as you que up for a whole tier to be chosen at random, you will get the stated reward. If you change it so you only get taken to a specific one, or even eliminate at least one, you will no longer be eligible for the listed reward (BH comms in most cases).

As I understand it, there are still some bugs causing people not to get their rewards, after supposedly doing it right. Maybe because they already had a quest for that FP going in, so the group finder didn't add that quest itself? I'm not sure, but getting the reward requires NO randomness in your group composition whatsoever.