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93. In which Niselle makes Nalenne an offer she can’t refuse (I/VII)

This entry and seven-part series contains spoilers for the Sith Inquisitor Belsavis line. Overall class arc significance has been omitted.

A Knight who has captured a Queen
Should never be too quick to preen.
The final reward
May stand ‘cross a board
More hostile than any he’s seen.

“AGH,” yelled Nalenne.

Vette ran from her quarters and skidded to a halt by the reading nook while ghost-Quinn charged straight through the wall for the same destination. “What is it?” they said in unison.

“Ultraguy. They did this awesome arc about killing him, and I thought they were going to bring in a new hero for the cape, but no. They just reconstructed the guy. Brought him right back as if nothing ever happened. That’s so stupid!”

“My lord…” said Quinn.

“It’s different when I’m doing it, okay? In a comic book it’s just cheap drama. Stars, this kind of thing drives me nuts.”

“You are defective, my lord,” said Vette.

“Go ‘way,” said Nalenne.

As her crew returned to their spots, Nalenne’s holocommunicator rang. She answered it to find her sister Niselle.

“Nis,” oozed Nalenne.

“Save it,” said Niselle. “I’m in trouble. I need your help.”

“That’s unusually blunt of you.”

“I don’t. have. time.” said Niselle. “Some Jedi Knight has me, claims he’s going to bring me before his Council for justice. Andronikos managed to damage the engines on this ship, so we’re stuck for a little while, but I don’t think my crew can get me out of here alone.”

“Wow, can you send me the trial date? I’ll have to find a way to attend.”

“Very funny.”

“Give me one good reason to help you.”

“Because when I was in trouble, back in the bad old days, I came upon something that could rebuild a body. Restore what was broken, deteriorating beyond any reasonable expectation of repair. The machine made entire species once, designing bodies and building them. I believe the AI that runs it may be able to get your dear captain what he wants.”

Nalenne swallowed past a sudden lump in her throat. “You’re lying.”

“Ask Andronikos. I’ve kept his mouth shut so far, but he was there.” Niselle raised a finger. “Even now, he won’t give you details until after I’m free.”

“You knew what it could do all this time and you never told me?”

“It was funnier for you not to know, sweetheart.”

“I’ll free you, Nis. I’ll get your machine. And I will kill you.”

“One thing at a time,” drawled Niselle. “Sending coordinates now. Come in strength.”
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