Thread: OPs nerf again?
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06.27.2012 , 02:10 PM | #19
I'm just a MMO noob, but from my experience, or lack there of, I've noticed Ops seemed to be the best healers.

For example:

I was a powertech in a match where I put my guard buff on an Op and all he did was heal myself and himself the entire match. I was taking mobs of 3-4 players down. I understand most of the people we were playing against were probably more noobish than myself but still he was a level 34 getting over 300K healing. that is impressive.

I play my sorc at level 50 geared up and solely heal the entire match and can only get to that height. I've played against Ops healers many times one on one and still never have taken one down, even as my Powertech. It's like trying to capture Sasquatch.