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Well thank you all for the different inputs so far the most iv done is normal FPS the level 50 ones illum and emperor and kaon. And the only reason anyone died is the boss and mob abilities specifically for making my job harder(and a combination of not listening to my strategies...). I was just curious if i could pug hm flashpoints now or Ops cause there is no other way i can get better stuff i have 4 pieces of rakatta gear from dailies and crafting and i need the crystal alloy to make the net piece. And leaving the it to chance on those boxes from fleet commendations is a little tedious.

I have a 35% crit chance with a 75% multiplier with just agent and warrior buffs. Im in 2500 direct heal range and 700 periodic range. This is an agent, where iv discovered that crit chance and multiplier are the most important since three of my 6 moves are direct. I appreciate he help and the bounty hunter was fine addition and gave a good perspective.
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