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Quote: Originally Posted by isimsiz View Post
Why do I get the feeling that this is a hack site?
Why should we give our password for something like this?

Can anyone confirm it's reliable?
I am sorry that I have taken so long to get back to this. This is NOT a hack site. I made this site because I hate keeping track of that piece of paper I wrote down my datacrons on. This site is legit.

You have to sign up (with any username/password - you do NOT have to use the same as your swtor account - ) to keep track of your character's datacrons. I do not have access to your passwords. They are hashed, mashed, re-hashed, then hashed again.

Personally, I have 6 characters. There is a table for each one (after you signup and add your characters). So whether you have 1 character or 12, you can see each one individually. I also created a page you can see them all at once, called a Quicklist. If you did not create an account, I do not know how else to keep everyone separate...

I worked very hard to make this site secure and user friendly. I am not a hacker, just a php developer that thought this would be a useful tool. It is safe. I am not even allowed to have banner ads in accordance with the Fan Site agreement.

I am sorry that you thought this might be a hack site. What would make you feel more comfortable that it is NOT? Any suggestions would be welcome.