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06.27.2012 , 08:55 AM | #9
Yea this is way to easy now, honestly been maing excuses for BW since the game came out and just getting tired of it. Like it was not hard before at all we could beat any FP no wipes including LI not my fault some people cant seem to triple task (walk, attack, look at floor) and doing all 3 smartly.

Anyways yea this is just dumb how easy it is.

The only way i remotely support this is if during the "this year" stuff when they said "new nightmare flashpoints" if they legit might Nightmare Flashpoints and not just talking about Nightmare EC cause i could care less that is an incredibly boring operation kephass is a cool fight tho.

Like lets get some real Star Wars operations going here, like the infernal council could have been so cool, with a rotate mechanic or something where the guy u fight gives a debuff agaisnt himself. Or if they all lunged to the middle and circled up for a crazy final 10%.

Anyways startin to babble point being ***** TO EASY (flashpoints anyways)