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Ok, I am not going to argue on whether Kaon was easy in the "absolute" sense. The mob pulls were fun for us except at the very end when we had done it half a dozen times and knew all of it by heart. And it is pretty silly to say Kaon is the easiest FP. In fact, except for D7, it is the hardest of the tier 1(although I agree that is nothing compared to LI).

I still argue that even if it was easy before, it is a total faceroll now. Someone else brought up the point with the False Emperor being watered down too. Previously, he would cast "Unlimited power" and instajib the team after 2 - 3 secs(easy to interrupt though). Now it is ridiculously / brain-dead easy.

I know for uber elite MMO players this game has always been a faceroll. For those of us new to MMOs it was previously nicely balanced. Some of the content was easy, like the False Emperor, Foundry and BP. Some of it was was challenging like Kaon, Battle of Ilum and D7. And some of it was practically impossible at HM, like LI. This is a working formula for our big crowd. Now, except for LI, it is all easy. I don't get it. Is it because they feared that people would stop using LFG unless it the "I Win" button?

I also disagree about the comments on Columi. I played on a dead server, Zez, and until recently had only been in a couple of raids. Thus I never had access to Rakata. The same goes for 90% + of the player base I imagine. It is all changed now with the new super servers.