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Yes I have thought that, but it's total crap if that's the case. If you can't complete HM EC you shouldn't be allowed in to NM EC. Also if that's the case it'd be the second time they've f***ed up this badly. Remember how many good players quit pre 1.2 cause they ran out of stuff to do? They just continuously set the parameters so that if you're a good player you run out of s*** to do way before they release new content. This makes most the good players move on to challenging games and leave swtor full of noob.

You know what, I cbfed with this any more, I'm done with this s***. Time to move on to a challenging game with all the other good players. Peace out.
I'm sorry you feel that way. But I do think you're confusing "good players" with "content locusts". There are many, many good players out there for whom this game is fine, they just happen to be a bit more laid back on the rate of content progression than you. And there's nothing wrong with your viewpoint, but... Truth be told, your kind of players probably won't be happy in a game like this, nor any new AAA game whatsoever, because development of the kind of game you need to be satisfied just isn't possible anymore. That type expects huge amounts of content PLUS huge amounts of features. Doing that costs a LOT of money. To justify that cost, you need a BIG playerbase. And most of a BIG playerbase will be relatively casual when compared to you. Chances are, if you find something that sates you, it will have to be a fairly barebones features niche game.

Still, I say good luck to you, hope you can find what you're looking for.