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06.27.2012 , 08:43 AM | #17
Will not be LFG tool for kp again that was the worst night of my life.

Sure we got through the first 3 bosses (quite pathetically we may add), never as a healer have a seen a group get **** on that badly in a SM ops. If it wasent for me and the other healer they may still be at Bone.

Terrible damage avoidance
Nobody reads chat ("anyone not done this" "*silece*", "ok lets go", jarg and sorno pull to middle of room EVERYONE stands in fire spin)
Foreman crusher was ok since easy fight.
But first trash mob after that 5 wipes, i silently quit.

People had no idea what a CC was, they broke them whenever they wanted, they would not follow and directions they just went in and did w.e the wanted lol

So last time i ever pug kp not worth my time.