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Not so much a tanking guide as a general Power Tech guide.

The only "wrong" thing he has listed for the tanking is stat priority. Shield and Absorb > Endurance > Aim > * is the way it should be for a starting PT. Once you get really good gear you will start to look at defense and other stats.

Leveling up the gear will flip stats around on you every tier. So no point to focus on much util you get to 50.

Accuracy is a useless stat for PT tanks (imo) as it only effects 3 abilities, only two of which generate heat, and only one of which you will actually use often. (Rail Shot) With 1.3 linking some of our AE threat to Rail Shot, it has become more important, but I still wouldn't bother with Accuracy.

The only thing not really covered in the link above is Taunts. Use the single taunt, and user it often. Even if you are top threat, you still get a 110%-130% boost on your aggro. Save the AE taunt for the "oh ****" moments, or when you need to snap some things back to you and single taunt is on cool down.