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06.27.2012 , 08:11 AM | #1
Okay, so I had to post my reaction to the LFG tool introduced yesterday. First, thanks to everyone for grouping up. It was all fun, including the "partial" success on KP. The bug that prevented us from replacing the lost player was annoying but expected(given BW track record). I am also very excited about the prospects of gearing up all my other toons. I imagine with the quick queue times, better loot(several extra columi pieces dropped in FP yesterday) and BH comm it should be much easier.

The bad news is that all content is an exercise in faceroll. Here is what happened. Just before the end of day I convinced a guildie to queue up with me for 1 more FP with my new 50 alt. After about 20 mins or so, the queue popped and we get thrown in. Suddenly, I see the Kaon splash screen and I start to get worried(and excited). The FP loads and it is indeed Kaon under Siege. Of course my first reaction is "bullox" as I am dreading the wipes that I may cause due to being equipped in only daily comm gear. The fear is soon alleviated as we proceed to obliterate 1 mob after the other. The boss encounters are completely trivial and we never even get close to threatening a wipe. I kept asking if this was really HM as we laughed off one encounter after another.

It is true that the other people were geared quite well(columi). Still, I recall having 3 guildies in "almost complete" columi and having to sweat bullets in some of the encounters. This happened despite having already cleared it a number of times. Those people were experienced players and doing a great job every time I assure you. So I must conclude that the content has been tuned down and made ridiculously easy. It was much the same in KP except for the Fabricator droid. Unsurprisingly, the others in my group agreed completely.

My real concern is this: I this we can safely assume that the amount of content to be added will be much less than what has come before. I say this is likely to be the case due to dwindling resources and subscribers. If so much of the content is watered down and so little will be added then I must ask this question.

How many people will soon lose interest and leave?

I am not doing so because I love the community and other aspects. I am just worried many others will.