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Pylons are so easy now that you just can't fail at them on Story Mode.
Fabricator may be a bit more interesting, probably will require at least 3 players who've done it before.
Fabricator will be interesting in a PUG. It really requires 2-3 button people who really know it well, or 1 person on directing on voice comms and 1-2 others to hit the buttons when told. Coordination is key in solving the puzzle and you can waste a huge amount of time if coordination and understanding is lacking.

The tricky part is the fight is easiest with 3 people on buttons (with 1 of them being a healer) as you can move the stack in a couple seconds and use the damage buffing vent more, but that can put a lot of pressure on your guys on the floor.

Tactically, I think this fight is quite interesting b/c of the tradeoff required in setting up your team. Do you go with the 2 tanks on the floor to swap and make the healing easier, but give up a lot of DPS potential by putting 2 up top? Do you use 1 tank on the floor to maximize DPS, but stress your healer?