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89. In which Niselle and Nalenne talk some more

Today’s entry has spoilers for the Sith Inquisitor endgame.

Non-game-spoiler, yes-the-rest-of-this-post-spoiler synopsis for those who wish to follow Nalenne’s plot without ruining the Inquisitor (though, come the end of the series, I can’t help you):

Professional tensions run high
When nemeses fail to die.
A grievance recalled
From a grudge long forestalled
May throw office meetings awry.

“I can’t believe you demanded the floor during my meeting with the Dark Council for this.” Nalenne infused her lightsaber with enough power to fling Niselle’s lightning bolt off to one side.

“Darling, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.” Niselle flung a crackling Force sphere of raw pain. It hit Nalenne squarely in the shoulder.

“Darth Marr, make her stop,” whined Nalenne, transferring her lightsaber to her good arm and running in for an attack.

“Please do,” said the cyborg Darth Ravage, looking down from his lofty seat to where the sisters fought on the wide floor of the Dark Council’s assembly room. “You’re the one who insisted on promoting this brat to the Council.”

“Don’t look at me,” said Darth Marr. His face was hidden behind a blank mask. “She’s only fighting because her wretched sister killed her boyfriend, and that sister is only here today because of Darth Vowrawn’s machinations.”

Nalenne leaped, downswept, and was thrown back again by the explosion of Niselle’s Force shield.

The noble Sith Pureblood Darth Vowrawn gestured languidly. “Darth Niselle would have picked a fight regardless of how many boyfriends the Wrath has killed. She doesn’t have a tenth the class the Wrath does – and I will remind you, the Wrath has earned her place here.”

Niselle was on the run, firing lightning when she could. Nalenne helped the retreat process by Force pushing Niselle with crushing power into the base of her own Council chair.

“No fair!” yelled Niselle.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this,” said Marr, “but I’m starting to miss Darth Baras.”

“I would take even Thanaton back,” said Ravage.

“Or Vengean’s theatrics.”

“Or Ekkage’s interminable speeches.”

“It seems you gentlemen have no respect for strength anymore,” said Vowrawn.

“Cattiness,” said Marr. “The word you’re looking for is cattiness. And you’re right, I have no respect for it at all.”

“DIE,” said Niselle, shielding herself again and pushing toward Nalenne.

“What are we going to do if she kills Niselle, anyway?” said Ravage. “She doesn’t have time to be both Wrath and Councillor.”

“Bah, she could easily handle serving on the Council,” said Vowrawn. “She’s a very capable young woman.”

“Take that!” Nalenne swung at Niselle and missed.

“That’s not how it works,” said Marr. “You’ll recall the Wrath has already killed two Dark Council members, and on neither occasion did she take his seat.” He looked across the room to a scrawny tattooed human. “All the same, rookie, you’ve inherited the most ill-fated Council chair of the last two years. Good luck with that.”

Niselle was once again running. Nalenne rolled her eyes and leaped her twelfth Force charge of the evening. The fight raged on.

A familiar rough voice interrupted them next. “Nis? When you get a moment?”

“Not now, Andronikos,” said Niselle. Crackle, crash.

Andronikos leaned against the great stone frame of the chamber’s entrance. “Khem Val’s gotten into the Academy classrooms again. He’s going nuts in there.”

“What? No!” shrieked Niselle. Zap, swing. “He knows better than to do that when I’m not there to watch!” She bolted for the door.

Andronikos waited a moment after she ran past. “Look, Nalenne, I heard about what happened with your captain. There’s something I wanted to -“

Niselle ran back and grabbed him by the shirt. “Come on, Andronikos.” She dragged him out of the room.

Nalenne stood alone on the Dark Council floor.

“Are you quite finished?” Marr said coldly.

“Yeah. Why don’t you guys just decide among yourselves what needs smashing and call me back later.”
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