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06.27.2012 , 01:33 AM | #1
Hey all,

So this new update is really awesome and we're enjoying it. We also did EV Story mode with four people and defeated Soa. I know it's been done before but we're excited to do it as it is our first time! Three out of the 4 were from Nerf Herders guild in Jedi Covenant server. We recorded the fight (tho sadly in low quality I wasn't aware of!) and the fight was difficult but really fun.

Vestara (Sentinel)
Victicus (Sage/Heals)
Zazi (Gunslinger)
Sound (Shadow/Tank)

P.S. We're recruiting! We're a friendly, mature group of players that are seeking like minded players that wish to tackle all aspects of the game!!! Contact either Victicus, Vestara or Mach in game for more info!