Thread: OPs nerf again?
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06.27.2012 , 01:10 AM | #14
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Complaining over a minimal reduction to self healing when you can trait every 45 seconds, for 15 seconds to receive an increase to self healing by 30% in addition to absorbing damage,... I healed myself for 5.8k in a warzone yesterday.... on a 1.8 second induction, not factoring in uninterruptible hots ticking,.. So again. ... You're joking, right?

The sorcerer trying to get off his heal at the speed of a fat kid running a marathon is not laughing.
If I blow all my CDs, in full BM with one piece of WH- full heal spec with all my +heal talents, with a 2.3 second DI- I can get a crit of 5.1k healing tops.

Just to put it in perspective. That said- I don't think ops needed a nerf, I think sorcs/mercs needed a buff- not to amount healed, but maybe another HoT or some sort of instant, and take .5 seconds off of DI OR, put back the 1 second reduction with force bending- the current 30% off cost is freaking useless.