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Just a more detailed version. Plus in case more Orobirds ever come out, a way to figure out how to get them as well. If you'd like to talk about Tauntauns, please go here. If you'd like to talk about Raklings and any other new pets that aren't Tauntauns or Orobirds, please go here.

1. Orokeet – Hatched from an Unusual Egg. Unusual Eggs can be found in nests on Alderaan, Taris (Republic Only), and Balmorra (Imperial Only) with a 4 hour respawn time.

Alderaan Coordinates (Please realize every pair shares a spawn timer):
  • X: 168, Y: 1836 – Under the broken bridge in the Serene Meadow in Alsakan Lowlands. You need to jump down to a horizontal log from the lower side (Recommended to jump down from the rocks–not the actual broken bridge) and then run across and jump down onto the next.
  • X: 215, Y:1787 – Also by the Broken Bridge mentioned above, head to these coordinates and jump straight down to another nest (you should be able to see it when you look down from this spot). Much simpler than the other--though, this jump will take nearly all your health so be sure to be at full health when jumping or if you can, use a cooldown to reduce damage.
  • X: 1930, Y: -1451 – Involves you going up a mountain and through a cave all the way around and then jumping down to land on top of the entrance of the cave you entered where the nest is. Also has several enemies (Mostly Killiks) around.
  • X: 1825, Y:-1384 – Like the above, but instead jumping above where you exit the cave instead of the entrance.
  • X:-2469, Y:-293 – Involves going past House Panteer and climbing up some wreckage. Need to use the MGGS to get to the highest area where the nest is. Will have to run through some enemies.
  • X-2517, Y:-301 – Not far from the one above, at X:-2524, Y: -314, look up and to the South East and you will see a Magnetic Stabilizer. Use your MGGS on it and you will be taken up to the nest.

Taris (Republic Only) Coordinates:
  • X: 1363, Y: 75 - These are actually two nests that share a respawn timer--one to the left of this spot and one to the right (don't worry, it's just a walk!). To get there, you want to climb up the pipe at X: 1182, Y:263. Jump off it and head to your right and around. When you get to the far edge (X: 1104, Y:224), look down to see some metal sticking out and walk onto it and then, jump to the platform across from it (I'd recommend jumping across on a speeder). Then, just head straight back and you'll find the 2 nests up and to the right on the grassy hill.

Balmorra (Imperial Only) Coordinates:
  • X: -1781, Y: 137 – Very easy nest to get to. Just avoid Grandfather, the World Boss, as it’s behind the area he spawns.

2. Orosquab - Hatched from a Mysterious Egg. Mysterious Eggs are dropped in Lost Island Hard Mode from any of the bosses, though, most commonly LR-5 Sentinel Droid (giant robot boss). (Has not been confirmed to not drop in normal mode due to the fact that nobody really runs Normal enough to see)

3. Orochick - Hatched from a Wonderous/Wondrous Egg (Specific spelling unknown due to both having been used). How to get it is currently unknown. It has been rumored to come from Explosive Conflict (though, no confirmations/proof on that)--some ways on "how" (though, with no proof of the egg, it being dropped, or the hatched Orochick) that people said (again, none proven) are:
  • Kephess drops it from HM.
  • Kephess drops it from either mode.
  • When you defeat Kephess, a nest spawns inside the instance with the egg.
  • The Orobirds inside the operation can drop it.

If you have or know someone with an Orochick/Wonderous/Wondrous Egg, please be sure to post with a screenshot and how so everyone can do their best to get one My guild has been doing EC, but has had no luck yet. Similarly, despite not being found yet, it has been confirmed to be in the game when BioWare confirmed it could be sold on the Auction House along with the other eggs.

Finally, you have an egg. Now, how do you hatch it? Well...........
First you need to go to Tatooine. From there, you want to:
  • Get the Water buff from a Water Vaporator. (There’s some right near the taxi area in Anchorhead and one right in the middle of the second town on the Imperial Side).
  • Head to the Czerka Archeological in the Dune Sea and go behind it (At about -2410 by -335). There will be a bunch of solar panels and behind one, an odd machine that has solar panels facing inside.
  • Go under the strange machine and stay there until your egg hatches. It will then turn into an exhaustion zone (and take away the water buff) once the egg has hatched and you will need to run out.

Only hatch ONE EGG AT A TIME or it can glitch.
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