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06.26.2012 , 06:50 PM | #13
To the OP. Generally speaking... Yes you can get all BH sets...

...But you will not be close to top performance because most classes require a mix of BH & Campaign Armorings to reach optimum performance (ENH & MODS you can safely ignore... BH is the source for them)...

...Implants, Ear & Offhands are also randomly distributed in both sets (And by randomly I really mean it... Some BH are better than Campaign... But for other classes can be perfectly the opposite). Not to mention that the ONLY way to get MK2+ versions (Which are BiS for some classes) is to wait, patiently, for a direct drop from HM Bosses (And last Boss on SM).

If you really want to get mad at the remaining design flaws on the loot paradigm BW uses, think on the following:

- Why after 1.3 the BiS PvE Relic for most classes require you to PvP?

- Why some classes can be fully geared without having to fully clear EC HM (This one is particularly funny tbh... They created armorings per slot but... They forgot to create hilts/barrels per slot, allowing offhand -> mainhand conversions in some roles for Jedi Knights, Smugglers, Bounty Hunters & Sith Warriors)?