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06.26.2012 , 06:44 PM | #1
Just a suggestion, putting in here since the problem is usually going to be seen in instances.

Can we please have some eligibility logic put into the loot system? To stop the following happening...

Last night I did a random HM. Me and another Inquisitor, a Warrior and an Agent. On the final boss an item dropped that was Inquisitor only (and the republic equivalent) - a bracers token I think it was. The warrior Needed and won it. I Greeded since it wasn't an upgrade but the other SI needed it. Now the warrior has a useless token that I'm not even sure is worth any vendor credits and the other SI is still in low level bracers.

This sort of thing is going to get a lot worse now that the finder tool is live. Same thing happened in WoW when they added the dungeon finder. People think they have a degree of anonymity so don't care about screwing people over.

Just something that auto-passes you if you're not the right class is all it needs. I'm only talking about the stuff that's actually locked to specific classes, not "that's a tank item not a dps item" or "you don't need crit" conflicts (which is another discussion for another day).