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The first time you do one of them the dialogue might be nice, but after you have done em a few times it just comes down to waiting on the rest of the party if they don't skip it.

As far as my limited experience with lore evens inside instances go, i'd rather not have them in there if they take up more playtime than actually finishing the place and enjoying the thrill of combat.
we ran BT 6 times, making different choices, making some smart alec responses that ahd everyone laughing, changing the content by making different choices -we had a blast. We stopped becasue we'd out levelled them.

Are you seriously still running any particular flashpoints? I mean by the 5th time, along with some questing, they arent worth redoing as youve out levelled them.

If you think re-running an instance with convos 20 times is boring, I think running them without convos is even worse.

The convos was the selling point of this game. If the devs are smart, future FPs will have much more convo opportunities AND enough diverse choices to make numerous replays different.

Otherwise, the hack and slash wow in space is a joke.
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