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When i used the internal and kinetic relics, they only did about 15k damage average during these fights. Now with more stats, i'll be hitting the boss less making the chance to proc this relic less and less. So after factoring in # of hits and chance to proc, would you still think so?

Also yes, Matrix cube is obsolete. 113 power = 25.99 bonus damage, 66 strength = 11.22 bonus damage. This would make it obsolete really.
Well, the mention of using internal proc relic was from a Madness Sorc which does the same thing Bleed Sent and Mauras do. There's so many dots proc'ing and such that it's almost guaranteed to proc every 4.5 seconds. Basically, if you got a proc every 4.5 seconds that would be the same as 3 GCDs with 25.99 bonus damage, so the interal proc is better. Way better. Even if you push it to 6 seconds (4 attacks) or 7.5 seconds (5 attacks), it's still better. I'm not factoring in the bonus damage on bleeds, but I still believe a proc every 6 seconds would be better than the power.

But that's why I plan to test when I get home. If it's negligible I'll probably go with the Internal Proc relic since it has more Endurance.