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I saw mention of the Internal Damage Proc that goes off (30% chance) every 4.5 seconds being better than stacking two WH relics. I was going to test both ways to see which one is better, but I'm pretty sure this makes the Matrix Cube, even though it's been minorly upgraded, now 3rd tier which means that'll now be sitting in our inventory.
When i used the internal and kinetic relics, they only did about 15k damage average during these fights. Now with more stats, i'll be hitting the boss less making the chance to proc this relic less and less. So after factoring in # of hits and chance to proc, would you still think so?

Also yes, Matrix cube is obsolete. 113 power = 25.99 bonus damage, 66 strength = 11.22 bonus damage. This would make it obsolete really.