Thread: OPs nerf again?
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06.26.2012 , 03:21 PM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by Humankeg View Post
OPS healers were actually too good, even 1vs1 against dps classes.

That being said, I am talking about geared ops healers. Every healer, regardless of class, is pretty weak with out expertise, or low amounts of expertise, even when facing poorly geared dps classes.

The Trauma debuff is too strong of a debuff for undergeared healers; that is the issue.
Not to argue.. but should a healer not be able to heal himself against one dps? As a healer you cant just stand and heal. You stun, interuppt, run, slow etc... The healer is not there to heal himself against a one-on-one match; their heals and defense have to be able to outpace it or it is not a viable class to play. With that said, lose the healers and the dps goes down. Want them medals? Nurture a healer rather than complain about them. Try doing 500k damage without a healer on the field. You cant. I have seen many healers respec because the survivability is low for a healer against any solid crew.