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In reality no, what you are asking, no. Although, over any course of time, most MMOs will dumb down PvE Content when concept and talk or introductions to higher level caps to allow faster leveling to play and experiance ne content.

Also it could be that there was a Pinball wizard who complained enough that easily content already was to hard,
I see your point but that is kinda also the problem...they're going to increase the level cap by what about 5? 45-50 isn't some epic journey that you feel really accomplished about since you get massive exp rewards for quests/fps/pvp matches as you get to a higher level to compensate for the increased exp reward for the next level. I don't know just seems like there should be some sort of feeling of accomplishment for reaching the level cap, not something that is handed to you. Making it so FPs can be grinded quicker only makes it less of an accomplishment to reach whatever new level cap is introduced.