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Before update 1.3 that is. One of the things that really stood out to me in the patch notes was the arbitrary "dumbing down" of the flashpoints, specifically hard mode ones. This really made me wonder if the instances were truly that challenging for most me it just seems like a nonsense decrease in whatever difficulty was there before.

That this happened at the same time as the group finder goes live, is obviously no mere coincidence. So I ask myself, and my fellow forum goers: Is this the new generation of MMORPGs? End game content that requires no communication, or strategy, that a group of four random players can do together in a breeze the first time without ever saying a word to one another? Personally, it makes me feel as the rewards(read: gear) are simply given anymore rather than earned.

Am I just behind the times, or does anyone else see this as a problem?
In reality no, what you are asking, no. Although, over any course of time, most MMOs will dumb down PvE Content when concept and talk or introductions to higher level caps to allow faster leveling to play and experiance ne content.

Also it could be that there was a Pinball wizard who complained enough that easily content already was to hard,
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