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You missed the entire phrase "...was this a known issue BEFORE..." That makes the whole point of not enough people testing on the PTS irrelevant. If it was a known issue before release, it's just terrible implementation. I don't know how many times I've been in other LFG groups in other MMO's and we lose someone and someone in the group says, "Let me ask a guildie". But this bug makes it so you can't do that. Great idea that they want to increase the social activity by specifically having a social feature (guilds and guild chat) not be a part of it right now because they'd rather rush content and features out that aren't even close to fully functional just so they can say, "Hey, we got 1.3 out in June with Server Transfers! Aren't we awesome!".

In short: No. That is not quality release. It's these kind of things that continually stock pile until I'll quit the game one day because of terrible practices such as this.
To be a known issue it has to b discovered by testers I logged in PTS every night to test and get the title to use the off tool. BUT apart from the first few days I never got a queue pop up on either my 2 lvl 50 or my lvl 38. There was max 30 peeps on the fleet wo I
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