Thread: OPs nerf again?
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06.26.2012 , 12:10 PM | #3
Yep, one more reason to not be a healer in pvp. Make it so the dps can kill a healer in just a few hits while they can only heal themselves for half the damage being done to them. How can this truly be balanced?

My example...Put 2 stacks of Kolto probe, and recoup. nano. , could not get off injection because of the interrupts, then 3 hits from 2 guardians and dead. Or Get rooted by sniper, then 2 shots dead. How much more powerful is BW going to make the dps and how much more are they going to decrease healing? So what if I can constant heal myself against one person in pvp, it is rarely a situation where only one person attacks a healer and it usually is a barrage of interrupts stuns and hits. All of this in almost full augmented War Hero gear. I see healers disappearing from pvp now too. I think this should be buffed up and not reduced again. Is it that important that DPS'ers feel good about killing healers?