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Yay, you're forgetting the point of gear in the first place.

People will still run HM EC because it is the top tier for pve content atm. If people don't want to do it, there is no point in them gearing up and obtaining all this bh gear.

Also, if hardcore raiders do everything they can every week to get as many bh coms, it would still take over a month to get a full set. And that includes running HM EC.
The point of gear is so you have the stats to do the next content released. But if getting the gear to do that content doesn't include doing the current hardest content... Well then... That's just f***ing stupid.

Being a hardcore raider I had full 61 mods in everything, I was just still running HM EC to win a couple more rolls so I can have full augmented gear... Now I have it and have no need to running anything. I am now have 100% best gear I could possibly get a couple weeks short of when I should have had it. On top of that other people will be able to get there without having to put the effort in.

Same thing MMOs have been doing forever, just making gear easier to get long before it should be.