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06.26.2012 , 11:44 AM | #133
Character Perks!

Why in the world do we pay all these credits to unlock the character perks and they aren't even GLOBAL! The point of having a legacy system is that it effects all of your characters, why would you make the ones that effect them the most be individual!!!? I"m extremely disappointed that the perks you unlock aren't for all of your characters. I just spent most of my credits on the perks on my main, b/c she has the majority of my credits. She's not going to use all those perks i unlocked until there's more leveling to do. It just makes sense that the character perks would be global, b/c otherwise you are spending the credits you need for a speeder, leveling up skills, and buying better armor on all of your characters. Also, and this should just drive it home: if it's part of the legacy system, isn't that supposed to help and tie all of your characters together?? I thought the whole point of a family tree was so they were all affected by each other, not just by chapter buffs and the "OTHER" tab for the characters is not impressive, i've yet to use any of those b/c they're so expensive and do not aid me in any way that i would want for my characters. I was looking forward to the character perks b/c they would "help customize the leveling experience for your characters."

Make character perks global!!!