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06.26.2012 , 11:37 AM | #2
This has been gone over time and time again - infact theres a rather long thread in here about this.

Essentially yes, you can mostly get the top tier gear now without entering HM EC. You do of course miss out on the main-hand weapon, so you're not completely BIS, and other un-moddable things may not be BiS either (for example campaign PT tank offhand is way better than the BH version). I think BiS bracers/belt are also the moddable ones, but you'd need to put in a L61 non-slot-bound-armoring dropped in HM EC. You also miss out on the chance to create whatever look you like (through transfering set bonuses from campaign to other gear).

A bigger thing though, is that without doing EC HM you don't get any experience of the hardest raid in the game - so good luck progressing on to the next tier of gear when it comes out without that experience

So yes, you can get near to top-end PvE gear without doing EC HM, but you won't get quite to BiS everywhere. Also, you'll be slower to gear than those doing EC HM, as you won't get the BH comm drops from it ^^