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81. In which Vette points out a flaw in the plan

When chaos and trouble are rife,
It’s smart to track each moving knife.
I feel I should mention,
The span of attention’s
Proportional to that of life.

“Hey. My lord.”

“Hey. Vette.”

“Whatcha gonna do with your hard-earned Quinn remnants?”

“So you heard about that.”

“I have my ways. What’s the plan for ‘em?”

“Nothing, for now. Keep an ear out for a solution, hope the DNA sample we got helps. Work until then, I guess, because for once Quinn’s favored answer to everything may be the only thing to do, just don’t ever tell him I said so.”

“About that solution thing. I didn’t say anything when you gave the guy who sent killer droids after you his own personal droid for customization as he saw fit. Looking back, I have no idea why I didn’t point that out, but there it is.”

“It’s not like 2V could possibly threaten me.”

“Maybe. But now you’re seriously talking about physically restoring the man.”

“Well, yeah.”

“Because restoring physical capability to the guy who tried to kill you is a great idea.”

“That was a long time ago.”

“Yeah, we’ve pissed him off plenty more since then.”

“He wouldn’t, Vette. It isn’t like that any more.”

“You’ve forgiven him,” she said accusingly. “You’ve forgiven him for the entire elaborate scam that was his getting close to you.”

“Why are you so mad about this?”

“Apart from the part where he knocked me to the bottom of the totem pole from day one and still appears to rate above me there?”

“You were always at the bottom of the totem pole, Vette. It was a two-person totem pole before he came along. That doesn’t mean I don’t love you.”

“Maybe I should ask, why aren’t you mad? Have you noticed that he is every bit as annoying as he ever was, he’s right back to serving Sith over your head that will probably betray you, and he’s just waiting for you to do the hard work for him, again?”

“I’m…kind of used to doing what he says, really. Quinn bosses around. I complain a lot and then I get the job done.”

“And then he shivs you. This pattern is established.”

“It’s not a pattern. It only happened once.”

“That’s because you killed him before he could repeat the behavior. Good job, nipping that in the bud. Now don’t set it up to happen again.”

“I owe him this, Vette.”

“That’s the stupidest thing I ever heard! And in this crowd I hear stupid things on a nearly-hourly basis!”

“I have to ask. Is all this your way of saying you’re mad that he caught you rigging his console to display nothing but Republic propaganda again?”

Vette spent a moment wavering between straight face and ferocious scowl. “Rrrrrg,” she finally said, and stomped off.

When Nalenne headed to the mess for a snack a few minutes later, Pierce looked up from his second breakfast. “Milord. Heard about the genetic-sample efforts. Are you sure you want to physically restore the guy who tried to kill you?”

“Don’t start.”
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