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I did a little research, and remembered that somewhere along my Imperial Agent's storyline, he was pronounced a merit adoptive of the Miruani family. (That's what happens to your Imperial Agent if he or she is a Chiss.) So I made that his Family name.

Next, I figured that my Agent probably picked up his combat skills from his Occpation family, the family he works for. So, I started looking for a Ruling Family that specializes in military operations and whatnot. The Nuruodo family was the only one that fit the bill, so I chose that as his Occupation name.

And lastly, as for his Root name, I needed something that would fit in between the last part of "Miruani" and the first part of "Nuruodo" and combine them into a really cool-sounding core name...So I thought, How about a single letter? Like the letter "o", perhaps? Combine it with "Miruani" and "Nuruodo", and what did I get? "Miruani'o'nuruodo", or "Ion" for short.

...Ion. Agent Ion...I liked the sound of that.

This proved to be a lot of help:

Typo correction: "Miurani", not "Miruani".