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Quote: Originally Posted by BoredOfMMOS View Post
its called skill try it out
getting roflstomped is part of learning
*** does this even mean? skill? It has nothing to do with skill ya tool. It is totally a difference in SKILLs abilities and gear at this point. The most skillful level 10 in the game is gonna have a problem ...especially if that person is a melee class. So how about you use some logic here. It makes no damn sense whatsoever to have level 50's or even level 20's in the same warzone as a fresh level 10.

*** Bioware? I know you haven't done an MMO before but really? this should be common damn sense to the most casual observer. Yeah I know you have bolster. But it does not replace the skills/talents/armor/what-have-you of a level 50 compared to a level 10.

Very lame pvp design. VERY LAME. So much potential too. When I happen to actually have a warzone where there aren't level 30+ this game is fun as hell. But the level difference is very noticeable when they are there.