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71. In which Nalenne questions Quinn’s behavior

A Sith, if she fits the cliché,
Breaks a rule or three every day.
For each regulation
A fresh violation:
The Sith will dictate their own way.

Nalenne caught ghost-Quinn in one of the rare moments when he wasn’t on the bridge. She intercepted him as he passed by the reading nook: “Hey.”

“My lord?”

“You’ve been awfully…docile…lately.”

“I’m not sure what you mean, my lord.”

“You haven’t volunteered a lengthy editorial on all the things I’ve been screwing up in a couple of weeks.”

“I haven’t seen the need for it, my lord.”

“Uh, my behavior hasn’t changed.”

It took him a moment to answer. “Then stating my criticisms would be redundant, my lord.”

“Stop ‘my lord’ing me.”

“As you wish.”

“I don’t get it. Things have been going great. We’re working together brilliantly a day or two a week. You’re free to do your desk jockeying the rest of the time, and I hear only good things from the military about your contributions. So if it’s all so perfect…why aren’t you finding fault?”

“It wouldn’t make a difference, would it, my lord?”

“I said stop ‘my lord’ing me! My original threat to assign you as Vette’s personal servant stands, if you don’t dial down the frequency on that.”

“I apologize. I meant to say, it would make no difference, so I refrain.”

“It never made a difference. That doesn’t mean I don’t miss it.”

His brow contracted. “How is it that you still manage to baffle me on a near-daily basis?”

“I’m just trying to make things normal around here. Your failure to participate in the overall sense of contentment is seriously impacting my enjoyment.”

He regarded her solemnly for a moment, then turned and started walking away. “I have work to do.”

“Don’t give me that!” She grabbed at his shoulder, but her hand just passed through him. “How is it you’re still blowing me off every time we talk? Stars. All my friends are happy with how things are, except you. You stupid killjoy. You’re just…not with us.”

“I’m dead, my lord. It makes solidarity more difficult than you might expect.”

“Well, get with us. That’s an order.”

He stopped. Looked up at the ceiling. “I shall endeavor to do so, my lord.” He really did have a thousand vocal shades of ‘you’re being unreasonable.’

“You have a place here. Just tell me what I’m screwing up, okay? Transgressions aren’t half as much fun when nobody’s calling me on them.”

Quinn looked back, frowning. "There's demanding, there's imperious, and then there's you. I really have no idea how I managed to take orders for so long from someone so insistent on such irrational, capricious nonsense."

"That's better." She smiled. "I wouldn’t know how to live in a galaxy that didn’t have you disapproving of it.”
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