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06.24.2012 , 09:41 PM | #406
I am sorry but if I was a share holder of Bioware and of Lucasarts and that I was reading all the forums and comments and the PTS, about class changes, I would want someone's head on a stick, who is making the decisions around here? BW and LA have invested an incredible amount of ressources into this game and it still has much returns to yield, which it hasn't at the moment.

So tell me again why are we pushing 1.3 when it is not ready?
Why are we making so many changes to classes & characters that do not need and not making some where needed?
Why are we not using the feedbacks of the community if this is supposed to be our game?
I've heard these exact words in a BW video!!

Watch where you step because you might end up losing more on the long run then just filling in the numbers for this summer.

You should focus on building a solid game ready for august not pushing a buggy update with 1.3 which will aggravate even more the community then it already is.

I am far from impressed by this long awaited game


2 ways : TALK and LISTEN

You better have people ready to answer, treat (and most of all FIX) all the tickets you will be getting with 1.3.
I know I will not be gentle with your staff!!
If you can't deliver a game of quality for which we are all giving you money to play, don't use your present customers as feedback pools to slowly improve your incomplete work.
If you want testers pay us or let us play free and give us for our money's worth, you do not realize how much time and how many items were lost because of your bugs and I am almost sure none of these playes have been compensated for their loss and with all the problems 1.3 will bring that yet again we will lose much without being compensated in return for all our frustrations.