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68. Mini-snippet: In which Nalenne checks her romantic status

The news from the front of the war
May surprise or excite: much and more
May be gleaned from the ‘Net
If you watch. Don’t forget,
What you read between lines, don’t ignore.

Nalenne strolled into the holo room from the direction of the ship’s entrance. She stretched luxuriously. “Today’s work: brilliant,” she announced to Vette.

“So I hear. You’re getting downright notorious on the holonews, you know. You and Servant Nine, as an item, striking terror into the hearts of Jedi everywhere.”

“Really? That’s…kind of cool. But I don’t know about the item part. We haven’t exactly had that talk.”

“Haven’t had that talk? My lord, the Emperor’s Hand has been officially balancing your workload between Servant Nine and Quinn for weeks.”

“Basic work-life balance. Doesn’t mean anything. ‘Sides, I’m still taking orders from Quinn at all. So I’m not exactly on the exclusive page.”

“Sith don’t do exclusive. Let’s face it, Servant Nine’s your boyfriend.”

“Recurring booty call,” said Nalenne.

“’Recurring booty call’ twice a week with an itinerary laid out in advance.”

“Not true! He surprises me a lot of the time.” Nalenne giggled.

“I am proud of you, girl. Not only do you have a love life, you’ve found someone even more terrifying than you are to get it on with. I’m just really, really glad you keep it all off the ship.”

“That’s another thing. Boyfriends come home with you.”

“He doesn’t have to,” Vette said quickly. “He can be a ‘safe distance away from me’ boyfriend.”

“You really think I should talk to him?”

“May as well. Everyone who tracks major Imperial victories already knows it.”
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