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12.18.2011 , 08:24 PM | #1
I am sick and tired of this crap. Admit the problem, and give us an ETA on a fix. GAME IS UNPLAYABLE as is. Ill get minutes or maybe an hour of decent lag (200ms or less, and 200ms shouldn't even be considered good) only to have this happen. I am on Wifi with ATI card. And NO I WILL NOT go wired. You broke this ****, you fix it. It shouldn't be my job to use a crappy work around when NOTHING else has the problem. Sometimes streaming videos in the background actually HELPS the problem, or so it seems but my wife using Netflix or Hulu on a different computer has NO impact either way. Anyway, I am done and walking away until EA/Bioware gets their goodies together. I can deal with waiting to log into queue for an hour, I can deal with broken AH, I can put up with much, but this is just a pathetic issue that should be a non issue.