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I am sure Bioware got the point.. But on the same token, when are we supposed to act like adults and realize this is just a video game and we could just make up a new name.. Not make thread after thread after thread QQ'ing about how someone stole their name.. I know I know.. Always a lvl 1 and an inactive player too.. I know cause I did a search on /who and he hasn't played in 6 hours.. Give me a break..

There is no naming issue.. There are countless people that attempt to name their characters and legacy from the movies.. All of them should lose their names.. We don't need 9000 versions of Luke Skywalker.. Or 2000 versions of Bastila Shan.. If that is the best that some people can come up with.. They deserve to lose their name..

The best solution is that people learn to come up with original names.. I didn't lose any names when I transfered.. Didn't lose my legacy either.. People also need to change the spelling of their names..


It isn't hard.. It isn't rocket science.. I am sure that 95% of the people can just change a single letter and keep their original name..

Another thing people can do is create test characters on the new server.. Deal with the naming issue before they move.. Instead of blaming everything on Bioware.. I created place holders for all my characters before I moved..

1: Was to just see if any names were taken.. Which they weren't..
2: Just to hold the names until I was actually ready to move.. I had to move a guild as well..

If there is a naming conflict, they can sit and create a replacement before they even transfer.. This is all easy stuff..
With all due respect, but wouldn't names like 'Roger, Geo'gina, and Sil'vana feel like a cheat? They are no better than the 'alt codes' that I listed above, they should all be removed from the system entirely.

It should be 'Letters' only in any name no exceptions!
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