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Hi everyone,

I have Slicing, Cybertech and Underworld Trading on my Bounty Hunter. How do I send my companion Mako out on missions for slicing for instance. I wanted to send her in game, and when I log. I just started playing the other day, and would welcome any help. Thanks and have a nice night.
Click the small arrow on the bottom left of the UI above the summon companion button, this opens the crew window. Then to the right of the companion's portrait you want to send out hit the square button labeled with the skill you wish to use to open the menu for those missions.

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A friend reported getting 4300 credits from one slicing mission. Meanwhile, I'm going broke with a BBD setup. lol
Aye, the mid tier missions with a bonus to slicing companion are excellent. Put in a bit over 1k, get out up to 7k in about twenty minutes.