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Rites of family or The sixth semi-annual Westan gathering where gathers only three

Adris Westan, my sniper
Vol'vikis Westan, my male mara
Ellivian Westan, my female jugg
Malavai Quinn

Minor mention of the Incident but probably not enough to be spoilery, I hope. I apologize up front if i don't have Quinn quite down. I'm only in Chapter one of the Warrior story so I'm going off of what I've seen other people talk about, especially Eanelinea. I hope maybe you squee a little, If not, sorry! Single mention of the Wrath as well. Its a little long, I had a lot of fun writing it and it got away from me. But i adore Adris and I'm starting to really like his little sister too.

Be to her Virtues
very Kind.
Be to her Faults
a little Blind.