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67. In which Nalenne and Dahlia chat (II/II)

Today’s entry has spoilers from the Imperial Agent line.

Non-game-spoiler, yes-the-rest-of-this-post-spoiler synopsis for those who wish to follow Nalenne's story without Agent details:

A mutual fan club can sound
Like a party. The sweet vibe astounds.
Two villains conspire:
There’s much to admire,
And much to kill next time around.

“Lokin, go on home,” said Dahlia to Doctor Lokin. Broonmark all but shoved the old man out the door.

The black-haired Imperial agent settled back on one of the reading nook couches. “You want something,” she told Nalenne. “Very much.”

“Access to Voss.”

Dahlia giggled. “Voss is a mess. You know they’re determined not to take sides for another eight years? ‘Til then they’re probably paralyzed by the Gormak bombshell.”

“I don’t care about their sides or their bombshells, I need to reach the Shrine of Healing. Or a spot near it, anyway. I got there once before.”

“You were lucky, then. It was limited access even before Voss started shooting down all outsiders.” She gave a little half smile. “Something you need patched up?”

“In a manner of speaking.”

“And yet you can’t even enter atmosphere. It’s maddening when you can’t get close enough to the problem to stab it.” Dahlia produced a little vibroknife and twirled it between her fingers. “Isn’t it?”

“That’s why I’m asking you to find a way to get me close enough.” That smile was really grating on Nalenne’s nerves. “Why are you so damn cheerful about this?”

“I just find it funny,” purred Dahlia, “that two of the greatest killers in the galaxy are stuck here discussing how to reach the ultimate kumbaya drum circle.”

“The drum circle wasn’t my first choice.”

“Oh, I understand. Still, it’s difficult, right? You ever wish you had the early-career stuff back? Understandable boss, whole planets laid out with nothing to worry about but where to stash the bodies?”

“I was never in the habit of hiding bodies.”

“I see your point.” Dahlia stretched and laced her hands behind her head. “I think I first heard of you on Alderaan. Friend of mine was absolutely horrified by you. You know, what you did to the Kendohs. And the Aldes. And the Organas. And the Rists. That was just a great time for you.”

Nalenne smiled, a little proudly. “Don’t forget the Ulgos. Yeah, those were good times.”

“I never understood why this friend I mentioned was so mad over it. He and his friends slaughtered and/or brainwashed House Cortess without a second thought, but apparently when non-Killiks do it it’s a crime or something.” She shook her head. “Ethical nitpicking. I hear some people in the galaxy make allies instead of killing, but more allies always means less action for the likes of us.”

A movement caught Nalenne’s eye. Vette was looking toward Jaesa, and Jaesa toward Vette. “Crud,” mouthed Vette.

“But,” said Dahlia. “There’s a job now. You need to get access to the Shrine of Healing, and the kind of access that doesn’t involve blazing guns. Or sabers. I need you landed, I need you – any additional staff you’re bringing?”

“Guards if I can. If I can’t, I only need to bring one other.”

“Okay. Landed, clearance or at least smuggled transport for two, plus a sympathetic healer contact. May not be a wetworks job, but it’ll still be my pleasure to assist you.” Her smile twitched just a tiny bit. “Those Voss kids are completely insane. Could be a while, even with me on the job, but rest assured, you’ve got the best working for you.”
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