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True, cash-bought items should not give a battle advantage to any players, that would just destroy the PvP scene which is important for the players that like to be involved in that part of the game. In SWG there were exclusive buff items you could get in the Card Game, however they were functionally equal to the in-game reward items from quests, and used the same buff slot as those in-game buff items... so there wasn't actually any added advantage with them.

Perhaps there could be some cash-bought items that are usable only in non-PvP scenarios, that give a battle advantage. As far as I can tell, people's only concern is whether cash-bought items cause an imbalance in the PvP arena.

Actually if you think about it, there's the Legacy abilities that give a PvP advantage, right? Those are somewhat elite items... it's not very easy to save up 5 million credits.
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